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I was named after Annie Oakley, the illustrious sharpshooter made famous in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. In my life, I prefer to shoot with camera. I’ve shot and edited over 2000 hours of vérité documentary footage. I'm a filmmaker. I generally subscribe to the DIY life, and I respect anybody trying to tell stories in their own original way.I was born in a smallish town in beautiful Washington state, and then moved to a handful of big, big cities across the globe. I first discovered how much I liked watching movies after I moved to São Paulo, Brazil at age 9, and would go across the street to rent subtitled VHS tapes whenever I felt homesick.I’m always looking to meet other filmmakers and future collaborators with the same spirit! 

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03/23:  Laemmle NoHo Screening of Brave New Wild


04/05:  Regal Rancho 7 Screening of Brave New Wild


04/07:  San Diego Screening of Brave New Wild


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