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Unparalleled natural landscapes, maverick innovators, and millenia of unique culture make Arizona an incredibly rich place for storytelling.

Big in Arizona is a motion picture production company dedicated to telling those stories through the creation of compelling films and elevation of the film industry in Arizona. We handle all aspects of the filmmaking process from conception to production to distribution, including development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, assembling industry-leading camera and sound departments for production, collaboration with musicians on original score and animators on imagery, all aspects of post-production including editing, sound mixing, and color grading, and outreach campaigns and theatrical, broadcast, and online releases.

meet oakley and alexander, we're Big in Arizona

Oakley and Alex Big in Arizona.jpg

Alexander Reinhard and Oakley Anderson-Moore are the creative directors of Big in Arizona. Having collaborated for almost 15 years, their creative vision combined with a communication shorthand make them invaluable partners in a production company that tells compelling visual stories. Alex is a crackshot writer and logistics man, and Oakley is a directorial powerhouse, whose unique style continues to entertains and inspires audiences across cultures and countries.

What the Big in Arizona team is working on this year:

Oakley on camera fx3 Big in Arizona.jpg
New anamorphic film for Sony Cine

Oakley is exciting to be directing, and Al producing, a quirky narrative short film featuring cinematic visuals of the Southwest and touching cross-cultural character portraits of Northern Arizona people this Spring. The short film is using new yet-unreleased Sony technology! A sneak peak of the film will happen at the National Association of Broadcaster (NAB) 2023.

Lowell Observatory's ADC &
160 Degree 8K LED Universe Theater

Oakley is thrilled to be working with the Lowell Observatory's ambitious new $35M Astronomy Discovery Center, which features at its heart, a groudbreaking one-of-a-kind immersive movie theater. I am excited to be the filmmaker on the design team working with engineers, designers, and immersive cinema experts to develop this unique space for cutting-edge storytelling that will open in 2024.

Kinlani Film Project TSIIYEEL BTS.jpg
Kinlani Film Project "TSIIYEEL" at the Hollywood
Professional Association + ImagiNative FF

Oakley couldn't be more proud to have produced an exciting new film from the teenage filmmaking interns in Kinlani Film Project this year. These future filmmakers created their first film -- a psychological thriller featuring a teenage Dine' girl who uses her culture to overcome darkness. Shot on Blackmagic pocket cameras and using cloud-based workspaces from AWS, this has been a collaboration between Kinlani Dorm, BMD, Amazon Web Services, and U of A. We will be screening a cut of the film, a "behind-the-scenes" video, and hosting a panel about tools for young filmmakers at this year's HPA Tech Retreat. 

Kai holding beans in documentary.jpg
Multimedia Film Release

Several years in the making, Al is handling post-production on a short multi-media documentary following an amazing young Dine' leader on his journey to change the face of Navajo Nation when it comes to food access, chronic disease, and the effects of COVID-19.

Grand Canyon map.jpg

We're happy to announce that in addition to the non-fiction stories we are released this year at Big in Arizona, we are in development on a barrier-breaking episodic narrative series that will feature not only under represented characters that form part of the Arizona identity, but also Arizona creatives behind the camera!

RMSA Grain.jpg

We're delighted to have released a series of short documentaries chronicling the work of Seeds in Common and Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance (RMSA) with non-commercial heritage grains, funded by a coveted Western SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) grant. We have been following farmers and scientists in the field as they search for a new way to revive forgotten grains that might feed the world in the face of climate change.


Big in Arizona is a branch of Little Sure Shot Films, our parent production company that includes national and global work, including both features films and multimedia projects that defy borders through grassroots outreach and dynamic online campaigns.

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